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FIRE President at CSU: Free Speech Is a "Duty

FIRE President Greg Lukianoff spoke to students about the importance of freedom of speech on campus at Colorado State University last night. Greg’s speech came on the heels of a victory for free speech at CSU last month, when CSU student (and CFN member) Seth Anthony and other members of the CSU Libertarians successfully pressured the university into clarifying and reforming the school’s laughably small free speech zones.

Greg and Seth both talked about the struggle for First Amendment rights at CSU to a reporter for the CSU student paper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Lukianoff argued that the zone where free speech was permitted on campus was unconstitutional simply for the fact that free speech zones are unconstitutional.

"Free speech activities include what you wear, what you read," Lukianoff said. "How can you only have that in one designated area?"

CSU expressed that there actually aren't explicit free speech zones in the latest free speech zone policy, Lukianoff said.

"So far, CSU has shown willingness to adjust its free speech policy," he said.

Seth Anthony, a member of the CSU Libertarians, agrees that progress has been made.

"The university has said that they are dedicated to free speech and now their policies are beginning to reflect that," Anthony said.

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