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FIRE on 'Stossel' This Week with Harvey Silverglate and Will Creeley

Watch Stossel's show "Free Speech ... and Its Enemies" on Fox Business Network to see FIRE Board of Directors Chairman Harvey Silverglate and legal director Will Creeley discuss free speech on campus with host John Stossel. The show also features journalist Juan Williams as well as censored University of Wisconsin-Stout theater professor James Miller, who was reported to the campus "threat assessment team" and threatened with criminal charges merely for placing posters outside his office door.

Other FIRE cases discussed on the show are Bucknell University's shutdown of an "affirmative action bake sale" and Yale University's censorship of a Harvard-Yale football game T-shirt that quoted a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald calling Harvard students "sissies." (Yale struck again against this year's T-shirts, just in time for this weekend's Harvard-Yale game.)

Stossel first airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on Thursday. Don't miss it!

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