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FIRE Student Network launches campus activism toolkit: ‘Speak Truth to Power’

What are my rights on campus?

Now, with the launch of the FIRE Student Network's first-ever activism on campus toolkit, it's easier-than-ever to find out! In the toolkit, students can find inspiration and resources to help ensure that all students on campus can freely express themselves.

Check out the fall 2017 Speak Truth to Power campus activism toolkit.

With campus activism at an all-time high, students from coast to coast are using their voices to fight for causes affecting their campuses, their communities, and the nation. But at too many schools, speech codes and other forms of censorship limit students’ ability to speak freely. These problematic — and often unconstitutional — policies and practices hinder students’ ability to protest spontaneously, gather in groups of like-minded students, and generally use their free speech rights to argue for change.

In order for change to occur, students must speak out and make those in power aware both that they understand their rights and that they expect those rights to be honored. By working together with a broad coalition of students representing a cross-section of the campus community, students can apply the necessary pressure to do just that.

It is our hope that through this toolkit, students of every political persuasion will come to understand how restrictions on free speech rights are harmful to all students on campus, work together to educate their campus communities about such restrictions, and sponsor initiatives that fight for student rights.

The campaign will last until 11:59pm (ET) on December 1, 2017 and offers challenges that call students to:

  • educate their campus communities about how free speech protects everyone’s rights to argue for change;
  • collaborate with diverse groups and build coalitions on campus to organize initiatives that stress the importance of free speech; and
  • work toward improving policies that are detrimental to students’ fundamental rights and/or promised rights on campus.

Simply by signing up to participate in the Speak Truth to Power campaign, students will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.

As a way to honor the students who execute the best campaigns on campus, we are offering some awesome prizes!

For more details on how you can join the Speak Truth to Power campaign, fight for student rights on your campus, and win great prizes, download the toolkit today!

Students in need of funds to help with campaign actions are encouraged to email with the amount of funding needed and a specific explanation of how those funds would be used.

We can’t wait to see students of all stripes join the fight to ensure that all students on campus have the right to speak truth to power!

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