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FIRE at Two Activism Conferences This Month

Each year, FIRE staff attend national conferences hosted by groups from across the political and ideological spectrum in order to network and spread our nonpartisan message of liberty on campus. In February, FIRE will be attending two major conferences in Washington, DC. This week, FIRE staff members will be on hand at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. Next week, FIRE representatives will attend the International Students For Liberty Conference, or ISFLC. We will be sharing FIRE’s resources with students from across the country and recruiting new members for the Campus Freedom Network.

Attendees at each conference will also have an opportunity to hear from a FIRE speaker:

CPAC: “Video Activism: Tips of the Trade”
Panel featuring Adam Kissel
Friday, February 8, 2:30 pm
Wilson A&B
Walk-ins welcome, preregistration available at

ISFLC: “Conquer Your Campus For Free Speech: Real Students, Real Solutions.”
Featuring Adam Kissel, Samantha Harris, and Peter Bonilla
Saturday, February 18, 5:15 pm
Wilson Room
RSVP by emailing

If you are attending CPAC or ISFLC, be sure to attend the FIRE sessions and stop by our table to say hello!

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