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FIRE Welcomes 5,000th Student to the Campus Freedom Network

This month, FIRE was thrilled to welcome the 5,000th student member to our Campus Freedom Network (CFN)! The CFN unites students, professors, and alumni who support free speech and individual rights on campus. The CFN also hosts events for its members and provides literature, resources, speakers, and support for those who want to promote liberty on campus.

As FIRE co-founder Alan Charles Kors warned, "A nation that does not educate in liberty will not long preserve it and will not even know when it is lost." Since 2006, the CFN has helped thousands of students and faculty members learn about their rights on campus. CFN members have successfully pursued speech code reform at schools including Arizona State University, James Madison University, the University of Virginia, and The College of William & Mary. This school year alone, CFN members have hosted 40 FIRE speaking events at colleges across the country, and promoted expression on their campuses by celebrating Free Speech Week and Constitution Day. Through their advocacy, the students and faculty of the CFN ensure that free speech and academic freedom on campus cannot be ignored and will not be forgotten.

We need your help as FIRE supporters to make sure the next generation of students learn about their rights. If you are a student or professor who supports FIRE and are not yet a member, sign up today! If you are no longer on campus, please invite the students and faculty in your life to join. We are also offering an incentive: 5 new members will win a Kindle pre-loaded with books about free speech and the First Amendment. The person who referred them will also win, so be sure they people you refer remember to mention your name when they sign up!

If every current member of our network asks just one other person to join, we can double our coalition and ensure that the next generation of students learn about their rights on campus before their speech is stifled. 

So please spread the word! Also, check FIRE's Facebook and Twitter accounts for messages to share, like, and retweet this month.

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