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Eli Feldman has joined FIRE’s staff as FIRE President and CEO Greg Lukianoff’s new executive assistant.

“I’m excited to work directly with Greg and really get involved with campus speech issues,” Eli said of his new position.

A recent Yale University graduate earning honors in psychology, Eli was a passionate mental health advocate during his time in undergrad. He was president of Yale’s student-led mental health advocacy group, Mind Matters, worked as a student-wellness counselor at the school’s Walden Peer Counseling for 2 years, and served on a committee that coordinated with the head of Yale’s Mental Health & Counseling department.

Eli says it was both Greg’s work and his own experiences with threats to campus speech that led him to FIRE.

“I first heard about FIRE because I read Greg’s piece in The Atlantic, ‘The Coddling of the American Mind,’ two summers ago,” he said. “It really opened my eyes to free speech issues, especially on college campuses. It was something that I had been subtly experiencing when I was at Yale, but I hadn’t really put all the pieces together.”

“Then I saw Greg actually come and talk at Yale my senior year, last fall. And then with the Halloween scandal, it all sort of came together and really made me realize how important free speech is and how robust some of the threats to free speech on college campuses are.”

As for his goals to combat those threats in his new role? “I would love to see FIRE help strike down or change as many campus speech codes as possible.”

Sounds good to us!

A Palo Alto, California native, Eli now lives in Washington D.C., and joins FIRE’s D.C. office.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Eli to FIRE.

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