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FIRE’s 2010 Video Campaign: Interviews with Free Speech Allies

FIRE has used video to tell stories of indoctrination and reveal how censorship shuts down discussion of critical issues including gun rights and Islamic fundamentalism. In 2010, we also have used multimedia as a way to share the voices of some of our leading allies. Our interviews have shared with viewers the experiences of some of our nation's leading free speech advocates, as well as their perspectives on the significance of the First Amendment.

In 2008, FIRE itself was profiled on the PBS program "Voices of Vision." The show featured our co-founders, Alan Charles Kors and Harvey Silverglate, several of our earlier cases, and a number of our staff members. It offered an in-depth look into FIRE's daily work, as well as firsthand accounts from the front lines.

More recently, FIRE was excited to be able to interview Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry about his own views regarding the status of free speech rights on campus.

FIRE was honored to have the opportunity to feature Dave Barry as part of our multimedia series. Interviews like this one have provided yet another medium to expound upon the significance of free speech rights, the damaging effects of censorship, and the importance of open dialogue.

In the coming year, with your support, we will interview even more key friends of freedom and share their stories and perspectives concerning the state of liberty on campus.

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