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FIRE's 2010 Video Campaign: Why Multimedia Is So Critical to Our Mission

As we reach the close of 2010, it is fitting to review the great strides FIRE has made in reaching new audiences and capitalizing on new technology. In an era of increased connectivity and interaction, our social media programs and video outreach have, over the past year, helped us spread our message of liberty further than ever before. FIRE handles cases that are often so outrageous that words alone cannot do them justice; they must be seen to be believed. Our videos do just that.

FIRE has produced a number of excellent features on some of our most outrageous cases from the past several years. As evidence of the staying power of these videos, one need look no further than our video on the Orwellian orientation programs at the University of Delaware, which passed 100,000 views on YouTube this yearan achievement which exemplifies the quality and appeal of FIRE's multimedia projects.

While videos like this one and those on the Keith John Sampson case and the Hayden Barnes case have helped FIRE communicate our stories for years, in 2010 we have been able to improve and expand our video project through the generous support of our donors, welcoming a Sweidy Stata Video Fellow (named for the supporters who made the fellowship position possible, Raymond Stata and Kimberly Sweidy). We have produced a number of excellent films that have explored censorship of hot-button issues on campus, featuring key advocates for free speech in probing and informative interviews, and we have brought excellent speeches from our speaker events to an even broader audience. Over the next few days, I will be reviewing these films and their significance to FIRE's mission. Multimedia has proven indispensible to our work, so please consider supporting our effort to broadcast the message of freedom!

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