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Over the past several days, I've been reviewing the ways FIRE has used video to spread our message of liberty in 2010. Our Sweidy Stata Video Fellowship has featured interviews with free speech advocates and victims of administrative overreach and has produced a new series documenting how hot-button issues like gun rights and terrorism are censored on campus. In my final post, I'd like to highlight FIRE's video coverage of our annual Campus Freedom Network (CFN) conference. In 2010, the CFN was proud to host Daphne Patai and Jonathan Rauch as presenters. They both delivered rousing speeches on the importance of free speech in our society.

I think the keynote address by Jonathan Rauch is the perfect video to close our review of FIRE's multimedia efforts in 2010.

Rauch's speech earned a well-deserved standing ovation. It is one of the best arguments for freedom of speech you can find on video. By filming and broadcasting this speech, FIRE has enabled countless others to hear this vital argument. In 2010, video not only has helped FIRE to share our stories and highlight the victims of censorship, but it also has given us the opportunity to share voices like Rauch's with friends of libertyand hopefully with some enemies of liberty who will change their mindsaround the world.

Throughout each of my posts in this series, I've highlighted the many ways that video has helped FIRE expand its reach this year. High quality, cinema style, high definition videos are a vital part of our campaign to defend free speech rights on campus, telling gripping stories far more effectively than we could relate in words alone. If you haven't yet done so, please take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube channel to view even more of our videosit only takes a momentand share our videos with others. The more popular our content becomes, the greater impact we will have together for individual rights on campus.

FIRE will continue to use video to shed light on violations of campus freedoms with your support. Happy 2011!

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