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FIRE's Bonilla in 'Daily Caller' on Auburn's Ban on a Ron Paul Poster

FIRE's Peter Bonilla has an op-ed in the Daily Caller about Auburn University's choice to engage in viewpoint censorship when it told student Eric Philips that he had to take down the Ron Paul poster in his window while allowing all kinds of other window hangings. This despite its claim that it has a "total ban" (Auburn's words) on window hangings. Peter writes:

One might describe this policy as restrictive and unnecessary, but at least it's fair. Everyone gets silenced equally, right? Yet FIRE has photos (provided by Philips) which convincingly show that Auburn generally made little effort to enforce this policy. And why would it? It's a pointless policy that almost seems intended to annoy students. Hanging signs in dorm room windows is standard fare on college campuses across America.

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