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As I write, FIRE's first annual Campus Freedom Network conference is in full swing with nearly 50 students from across the country here in Center City Philadelphia. This morning, FIRE co-founder Harvey Silverglate gave a presentation on the history of FIRE and the reason FIRE was founded, and later a panel consisting of Derek Shaffer, Executive Director of the Stanford Constitutional Law Center; KC Johnson, Brooklyn College history professor and co-author of Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustice of the Duke Lacrosse Case; Steve Aden, Chief Litigation Counsel for the Christian Legal Society's Center for Law & Religious Freedom; and the aforementioned Harvey Silverglate held a panel discussion on "The Philosophical and Practical Underpinnings of Academic Liberty."

This afternoon, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff will speak on knowing your rights on campus, while FIRE's Samantha Harris and I will go into more detail on how to identify and fight college speech codes. To conclude the day, KC Johnson will give a dinnertime address on freedom in academia, the Duke lacrosse case, and more. All in all, a very busy schedule for FIRE's first annual conference. Much of the conference is being videotaped or recorded as well, so those who couldn't attend but would have liked to will be able to see much of the action in the Multimedia section of FIRE's website. Thanks to FIRE's many supporters and to our guests for helping us make the conference a reality!

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