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FIRE's Greg Lukianoff Touts 'New Threats to Freedom' at 'The Huffington Post'

At The Huffington Post, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff writes about the dramatic (or musical-comedic) case of Chris Lee at Washington State University, where his satirical musical loosely based on the the movie The Passion of the Christ was the target of vigilante censorship with the financial backing of the WSU administration. Greg's column also features FIRE's brand-new video on Lee's case, part of our promotional efforts for the new book New Threats to Freedom, to which Greg has contributed a chapter, and which you can purchase today.

As Greg writes, Lee's case at WSU is a perfect starting point for the chosen subject of his chapter:

I chose Chris' story to open up my chapter in the new book, New Threats to Freedom ... because it's one of the best examples in my experience of campus administrations and students working together to try to silence speech they don't like. My chapter, called "Students Against Liberty?", explores the long-term consequences of campus censorship, speech codes, and the failure to educate students about the importance of free speech.

Readers interested in learning about the other abuses of campus speech chronicled in Greg's entry can find out by purchasing New Threats to Freedom today.

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