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FIRE’s ‘Guides’ to Student Rights on Campus Continue to Impact Thousands of Students

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One of FIRE's hallmark programs is FIRE's Guides to Student Rights on Campus, a series of publications that articulate the principles at the heart of FIRE's mission. Consisting of five volumes covering the gamut of student rights, the Guides are inspired by the notion that students should be educated in their rights to counter the miseducation from university speech codes and the administrators who write them. Each book serves as a concise exposition on a category of constitutional liberty. The series consists of the following:

All of FIRE's Guides are available for free download on FIRE's website. Thousands of students, faculty, and concerned citizens have already taken advantage of this essential resource. Since the beginning of 2009, we've logged 22,406 downloads of the Free Speech Guide; 2,613 downloads of the Religious Liberty Guide; 7,432 downloads of the Due Process Guide; 2,983 downloads of the Student Fees Guide; and 3,852 downloads of the Thought Reform Guide. These stats do not include the thousands of additional downloads of smaller sections of each Guide.

In addition to free PDFs available from FIRE's website, students and faculty members can order free hard copies through the website. The Campus Freedom Network is also active in bringing FIRE's Guides directly to students at various student conferences and offering bulk orders of Guides to student groups that pass them out on their campuses (kudos to Students for Liberty for their excellent work on this front this fall). This year, FIRE distributed a total of 6,941 hard copies of the Guides: 4,259 copies of the Free Speech Guide; 908 copies of the Religious Liberty Guide; 920 copies of the Due Process Guide; 786 copies of the Student Fees Guide; and 1,368 copies of the Thought Reform Guide.

Thanks to our supporters for making this important resource available to students.

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