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FIRE's Robert Shibley on the Politically Diverse Opposition to 'Blueprint'

In an article for The Daily Caller today, FIRE’s Robert Shibley explains why 17 organizations across the political spectrum have signed on to FIRE’s letter asking the Departments to retract the unconstitutional demands set forth in their May 9 “blueprint” letter. In his article, Robert notes:

Commentator after commentator has remarked on how gridlocked and stalemated our politics seems these days. But when it comes to our First Amendment rights, there’s a shocking amount of common ground. Signatories to yesterday’s letter include conservative, liberal, and libertarian organizations, as well as individuals ranging from a former president of the ACLU to a former judge appointed by George W. Bush. The blueprint has also been criticized by commentators across the political spectrum and across the country, from George Will in the Washington Post to the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times.

As Robert points out, the blueprint “put[s] what speech is to be permitted on campus in the hands of the most sensitive or easily offended person,” and even allows students accused of sexual harassment to be punished before an investigation takes place. And these aren’t just temporary obstacles:

[R]emember, every single report of supposedly “harassing” speech is to be recorded by universities—indefinitely. If you love the idea that a dirty joke you told when you were 19 can be dug out of a database when you’re running for city council at 40, you’ll love this national speech code.

Check out The Daily Caller for more reasons why everyone, regardless of their political beliefs, should be opposed to the blueprint.

Want to know more about the ED/DOJ "blueprint"? Check out FIRE's Frequently Asked Questions here!

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