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FIRE's Website: A Valuable Resource for Parents

FIRE received a great message from a mother yesterday on Twitter who was using FIRE's resources to help her son plan for college. She wrote: 

My oldest is a junior in high school and your website helps me a lot in preparing him for college. 

It is always nice to hear from FIRE supporters that our work has been useful. If you or someone you know is a parent of a high school student that is in the midst of a college search, please visit FIRE's Spotlight: The Campus Freedom Resource. This database contains information on hundreds of colleges and universities across the country and tracks their policies as they pertain to free speech. You'll also find a list of FIRE cases at that school and any blogs we have written about it.

Another great resource is FIRE's Red Alert list, which contains our list of the six colleges we have deemed the worst offenders against campus liberty. You can learn more about the list, and our full-page ad in US News & World Report here.

In addition, be sure to encourage any college-bound high school senior you know to apply for FIRE's second annual high school essay contest. Students who submit essays will compete to win $15,000 in scholarship money, all while learning more about their rights. 

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