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FIRE's YouTube Channel: Free Speech in Motion

We always say that public awareness is our number one weapon at FIRE, which is why Twitter and Facebook have proven to be such powerful outlets for us in the fight for free speech on campus. But, as Greg pointed out in his six-part blog series on FIRE's short films, "FIRE handles cases that are often so outrageous that words alone cannot do them justice; they must be seen to be believed." FIRE's YouTube channel provides our online communities with a visual alternative for viewing and circulating our messages, which is essential to our success.

FIRE's short films help you understand our cases and issues in just a few minutes eachand provide a fun way to introduce others to FIRE's work. Subscribe to our channel to watch the story of University of Georgia student and scooter-rider Jacob Lovell's battle with Parking Services unfoldand have a laugh! Or, witness the shocking story of Andre Massena, who was almost expelled from SUNY Binghamton after he publicly criticized a faculty member. You can even see some of Penn State student Joshua Stulman's censored artwork, as he discusses his exhibition "Portraits of Terror," which expressed his views of terrorism in the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank.

Thanks to you and others who read and share our Torch posts and the other materials on our website, more and more people are learning about free speech violations on America's college campuses and are working to combat them. Now, we need your support to help us get the word out through other forms of multimedia like YouTube, the Internet's most popular video-sharing website.

It only takes a moment: Subscribe to our channel, share what you see, and help us spread the word about violations of free speech at colleges and universities across the nation.

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