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‘Freedom From Speech’ Celebrates Its First Birthday

FIRE President and CEO Greg Lukianoff’s Freedom From Speech was published one year ago today.

In the past year, real-life examples of the phenomena described in the groundbreaking book—including the dangers of “political correctness” and “groupthink”—have played out repeatedly on college campuses. From comedians refusing to bring their acts to campuses for fear of retribution from an overly sensitive student body, to inquisitions against faculty for writing about issues related to sex on campus, Freedom From Speech is more relevant than ever.

The date also marks the anniversary of Greg's Wall Street Journal article on the questionable state of free speech at the University of California, Berkeley, 50 years after the famous free speech movement on campus. At the time, Greg drew on themes from his book to question whether robust free speech was still a priority at Berkeley.

A year after Freedom From Speech, administrators at nearly every college around the country should be asking themselves that same question.

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