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Friday in ’Bama

This Friday, I’ll be speaking at the Bankhead Conference at the University of Alabama. The topic is “Censorship, Free Speech, and Free Press in the University,” and I’ll be appearing with Donald Downs, a great defender of liberty and author of Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus and with John K. Wilson, author of a book with the least persuasive title I’ve ever read, The Myth of Political Correctness. The event is open to the public, and my session begins around 9 a.m.

Alabama is a particularly appropriate place for a conference on free speech. In the last few years, ’Bama has censored the Alabama Scholars Association, banned flag displays (including displays of the American flag), and just last year the Faculty Senate passed a resolution calling for a speech code on campus. Fortunately this resolution was countered by the Student Senate, which passed a competing “free speech” resolution.

So, if you’re in the Tuscaloosa neighborhood on Friday, come by and see us.

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