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‘Graduate Admissions Guru’ Says Stay Away from MSU

FIRE friend Adam Markus has a great blog entry up about our ongoing case at Michigan State University. Markus' blog is a hub for all sorts of information about graduate school admissions. After posting our most recent press release about this case, Markus notes that MSU is the home of the Broad School MBA program. As he writes:

I think the idea that a student leader would find herself in such a predicament indicates that MSU has a real problem not only with free speech, but with student leadership and, by extension, lacks a commitment to leadership education. Clearly a university that punishes a student for showing initiative is not the ideal place to learn how to be a 21st century business leader.

By the way if you want to find out about which US schools take free speech seriously and which don't, visit the FIRE website and subscribe to their mailing list.

We appreciate the effort of FIRE friends like Markus and many, many others that take the time to blog or send concerned e-mails to college officials about our cases. We encourage everyone to keep up the great work and put the pressure on schools, especially the worst offenders on our Red Alert list, that betray their obligation to protect the rights of students and faculty.

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