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Greg Examines Freedom of Association and Fraternities in 'The Huffington Post'

Following up on his recent article for The Huffington Post, Greg has a new Huffington Post piece today that analyzes the First Amendment right to freedom of association as it relates to fraternities on campus. Greg writes:

A lot of fraternities seem to know that their freedom of association is protected by the First Amendment. (While the freedom to join and form groups is not technically listed in the text of the First Amendment, it is understood to arise from the protections of freedom of speech and the right to assembly.) What fraternities often do not know, however, is that there are several different kinds of freedom of association protected by the First Amendment, and they are not all made equal.

Greg reviews some of the relevant case law on freedom of association and argues that in order for fraternities to guard their individual rights, they should establish themselves as more than simply social clubs. Read Greg's whole piece at The Huffington Post.

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