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Greg in 'Huffington Post' on Southwestern College's Muzzle Award

Yesterday, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff posted his "congratulations" to Southwestern College in The Huffington Post, since the college's achievements in censorship have earned it a 2010 Jefferson Muzzle Award.

Though Greg thinks Yale and Bucknell may have been equally worthy candidates, Southwestern College not only banned three professors from campus after their participation in a peaceful protest, but also continues to keep speech restricted to a small "Free Speech Patio." As Greg writes:

Yale, Bucknell, and Southwestern College all need to get back to the fundamentals: our colleges and universities are supposed to be the centers of innovation, debate, and discussion for our entire society. As such, they not only have to tolerate speech that might offend; they need to, in fact, encourage all speech, especially that which provokes and generates debate and dialogue. Forgetting this role undermines the very purpose of our colleges and universities and makes it more difficult to have the serious discussions our society desperately needs.

I hope 2010 is a better year for free speech on campus, but in the meantime, enjoy your Muzzle award, President Chopra and Southwestern College. You really did earn it!

You can read Greg's full article here.

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