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Greg in Huffington Post on Yale's Controversial Anti-Harvard T-shirt Quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald

Today in The Huffington Post, Greg highlights our recent letter to Yale regarding administrators' readiness to censor a T-shirt that quoted F. Scott Fitzgerald in calling Harvard men "sissies." FIRE's letter, written by Adam Kissel and sent on Friday, reminded Yale both of the university's historical commitments to free speech and its recent missteps. As Greg says in the article:

I understand that Yale considering banning a F. Scott Fitzgerald quote for using the word "sissies" is not the most important event in collegiate censorship this year (I think my vote goes to the Southwestern College "Free Speech Patio"). But given Yale's recent complicity in the censoring of the Muhammad cartoons in a book specifically about the Muhammad cartoons, it represents just one more mark against Yale's noble promise to allow students "to think the unthinkable, discuss the unmentionable, and challenge the unchallengeable." And if even quotes from Fitzgerald which have to be misinterpreted to be offensive can be banned at Yale, I fear these administrators will fall down and die the first time they watch an episode of Family Guy or South Park.

Check out Greg's full article here.

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