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Greg Speaks about ‘Unlearning Liberty’ at Columbia Law School

On March 13, FIRE president Greg Lukianoff spoke to the Federalist Society chapter at Columbia Law School about his book, Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate

In his speech, Greg discussed the importance of freedom of expression on college campuses and how it is under threat from university administrators and, too often, students themselves. Greg noted that the institutions of higher education that are supposed to be inculcating the values of critical thinking and open debate in younger generations are in fact the perpetrators, diminishing the exchange of ideas through selective and coercive censorship. As readers of The Torch know all too well, this sad trend is harmful to students' education and to discourse in society at large. Greg was joined in the discussion by Frederick Schauer, visiting professor of law at Columbia. 

Check out Columbia Law School's brief summary of the event for more, and stay tuned to The Torch for more information about Greg's upcoming campus appearances.

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