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Happy Thanksgiving from FIRE

FIRE would like to wish all of our allies and supporters a very happy Thanksgiving.

There is much to be thankful for right now, as November has been an almost unprecedented month for fundamental freedoms on campus. FIRE’s Speech Codes Litigation Project saw another victory when a federal judge in California enjoined the enforcement of several speech codes at San Francisco State University and issued a written opinion emphasizing the crucial importance of the First Amendment on college campuses. The University of Delaware ended an Orwellian thought reform program in its residence halls just days after FIRE brought the case to the attention of the national media. And a college president who brazenly expelled a student for peacefully exercising his First Amendment rights announced his early retirement in the wake of that scandal.

There are no doubt more battles to come in the fight for student rights on campus, but as we prepare to enjoy a long weekend filled with food, friends, and family, things are looking up. We wish you all a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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