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Hello from FIRE's 2011 CFN Conference

Good morning!

FIRE's 2011 Campus Freedom Network Conference is under way and off to an exciting start. After hearing from and Reason.TV Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie as he kicked off the conference with a keynote address last night, we were up early for breakfast and eager to hear from FIRE Co-founder and Chairman Harvey Silverglate and FIRE President Greg Lukianoff.

In his speech this morning, "Unlearning Liberty," Greg makes it clear that "multiculturalism demands free speech," and also illuminates the necessity of due process.

"Greg made a great point that multiculturalism demands multiple opinions, even those you disagree with or are offended with," FIRE summer intern and Vanderbilt Young Americans for Liberty Chapter President Kenny Tan said. Kenny is here at the CFN conference for his second time.

As Greg closes his opening speech, he reminds conference attendees:

"Never apologize for defending free speech, due process, and basic rights."

Great advice from a fellow liberty lover!

Up next on the agenda is FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley with "First Amendment on Campus: Case Law." Don't forget to check the live stream, as well as Twitter (#CFN11) and Facebook for more updates throughout the conference!

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