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Help FIRE Educate Students across the Country

This summer, FIRE hopes to start an ambitious project. We would like to place copies of The Shadow University and our Guides to Student Rights on Campus in virtually every college library in the country, as well as in over a thousand major public libraries.
The Shadow University, authored by FIRE founders Alan Charles Kors and Harvey Silverglate, is a chilling description of the betrayal of individual liberty, free expression, due process, and sanctity of conscience on America’s college campuses. Following its publication, Kors and Silverglate received hundreds of calls for help from students and faculty across the country facing the same repression described in The Shadow University. They founded FIRE to give aid to these people, struggling in the face of abuses of power on America’s colleges campuses, and to inform the public about these abuses.
FIRE’s Guides program is a series of five books, each designed to explain to students, administrators, and parents the essentials of free speech, religious liberty, due process and fair procedure, student fees and legal equality, and private conscience. FIRE co-founder Alan Charles Kors refers to FIRE’s Guides as little “seeds of liberty.” Just think of the harvest such a sowing will reap.
The necessity of this project is apparent. But this undertaking will only be possible with the help of our summer interns and supporters like you. If you would like to support FIRE so we can make this project and others like it a reality, please visit

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