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In 1998, Boston lawyer Harvey Silverglate and University of Pennsylvania professor Alan Charles Kors published The Shadow University to expose the myriad betrayals of fundamental rights on college campuses. Silverglate and Kors were overwhelmed with calls for help and founded FIRE to advocate for those struggling under campus repression and abuse of power.
Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School described this important book thusly:
An eye-opening and well-documented exposé about what could happen to your children when they are sent to even the best colleges in the country. Kors and Silverglate demonstrate that when these colleges, purportedly devoted to liberal education, treat students in disciplinary proceedings, they make the notorious Star Chamber seem liberal in comparison. A wake-up call for parents, students, and professors alike.
FIRE would like to put a copy of The Shadow University and each of FIRE’s highly acclaimed Guides to Student Rights on Campus into every college and university library in the country as well a thousand other public libraries. This undertaking will only be possible with the help of supporters like you. If you would like to support FIRE so we can make this project and others like it a reality, please visit

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