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Help FIRE Expose Injustice on Campus

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously wrote that "sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants." This is FIRE's unofficial motto, as we have found that time and time again, administrators cannot defend in public the actions they are all too eager to pursue in private. 

Since our founding, FIRE has won hundreds of cases using a simple and cost-effective strategy: expose the truth about the state of liberty on campus and encourage members of the public to speak up about it. Forced to defend their violations against liberty to thousands or millions of citizens due to media exposure, most universities bend to public pressure and reverse course. 

That is why FIRE invested significant resources in 2011 into raising public awareness. With your support, we reached more than 116 million people through print and online news outlets, appeared on dozens of radio programs, visited nearly 40 campuses, and released what I think is our best video yet, "Silencing U: Five Outrageous Cases of Campus Censorship." And the year's not over yet! 

This strategy helped FIRE secure the most victories ever in a single year in 2011. 

FIRE plays a crucial role in investigating cases of campus injustice, gathering the appropriate information, and disseminating it to masses of concerned citizens. But our efforts alone can only go so far. We need you, FIRE supporters, Torch readers, parents, students, and alumni, to help force administrators to stop the reckless violations of fundamental rights that are happening on campuses across the country. 

You are the key to our success. 

If you want to support FIRE's efforts to reach even more people in 2012, and in turn win even more cases, please consider doing two things. First, help us get the word out by sharing our short intro film Silencing U with your friends and family, by recommending folks add The Torch to their list of daily blogs, by writing to administrators regarding ongoing cases, or by spreading word about our cases via Twitter and Facebook. 

Second, consider giving a gift to FIRE today. All the victories and advancements for liberty you read about here on The Torch are possible only because of our donors. 

There are only two weeks left in the year to make your 100% tax-deductible donation. Even a few dollars can help FIRE expose overreaching administrators and support the extensive outreach efforts we have planned for next year. Please, if you haven't already, donate to FIRE this holiday season, and help us protect the fundamental rights of America's students and faculty members. We can't do it without you. 

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