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Help Students and Professors Stand Up For Speech! Support FIRE Today

This week was an exciting one for FIRE, as we took a huge step forward in the fight for free expression on campus with the launch of our Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project. While we’re proud to usher in this new era in FIRE’s history, we’re even prouder to do so alongside the brave students and faculty members who have taken this opportunity to stand up for speech. We hope you will consider supporting these plaintiffs as they fight back against campus censorship.

By contributing to FIRE’s Stand Up For Speech Project, you can help Isaac Smith challenge a speech code that prohibits “demeaning” speech, support Vincenzo Sinapi-Riddle’s and Merritt Burch’s efforts to open up their entire campuses to free expression, and guarantee that professors at Chicago State University and students at Iowa State University are able to speak out about administrative mismanagement and drug policy reform.

A donation to FIRE will help these plaintiffs take a stand while giving students and professors nationwide the support they need to mount similar challenges. With each challenge, we can bring our colleges and universities one step closer to the marketplaces of ideas they were meant to be.

As Isaac Smith so eloquently said yesterday, students can and should “speak up and speak out” about campus censorship. Please consider supporting those students and faculty taking that brave step and help them send a message to our campuses: Respect the First Amendment or face the consequences.

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