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Injustice at DePaul Hits News Outlets Across the Country

Last week, FIRE broke the news that DePaul University has sanctioned student Kristopher Del Campo for exposing 13 fellow students who confessed to vandalizing a DePaul Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) pro-life display in late January.

Del Campo’s story has since made news across the country. In addition to 61 FM and AM radio stations, the following outlets have shared Del Campo’s ordeal with their readers:

In addition, FIRE’s Peter Bonilla appeared on 1210 AM WPHT Radio on Friday afternoon and Saturday. He also spoke with Jason Antebi on KIRO Radio Saturday afternoon. 

Last, but certainly not least, DePaul’s student newspaper, The DePaulia, has covered the story.

Be sure to check out FIRE’s press release on Del Campo’s case and the media firestorm it’s created! And if you’re outraged (as FIRE is), TAKE ACTION today

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