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‘Inside the Student Mind’

Check out this compilation of excerpts from student blogs today on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s student section (account required for access). These were my favorites that I think are relevant to some of the issues that we address on The Torch about students being intellectually challenged (or not) while in college:
  • [W]ell and being a literature student as well, the past few months of an influx of ideas and themes have made me think a lot and re-evaluate my views on life. Yes yes…cliched and all…BUT I REALLY FEEL LIKE I HAVE GROWN INTELLECTUALLY! I love school! (Yes i admit that i am weird) I dont care if you think I am anyway.
  • Bible as Lit is going to be a challange for me, because I have to view the Bible as a Literary piece, not a book based on divince inspiration. Truthfully, I can't really seperate the two. So its difficult to not let my personal bias come into discussion. I have to prove my points in a new way. Its a good challange for me. (my professor is a dingbat though)
  • Astronomy was worthless as usual. We decided that we weren't learning because the professor isn't teaching. At this university, there are researchers and there are educators. The researchers are hired by the uni because they know a lot about the subject, but that does not mean they are qualified to teach
  • I know that college is supposed to be one of the best times of your life…which worries me!!

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