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Introducing FIRE Legal Intern Laura Beltz

FIRE is excited to welcome its legal intern for Summer 2014, Laura Beltz. Laura is a rising second-year law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she is pursuing a career in litigation.

Before law school, Laura graduated from Penn State, where she majored in English and wrote an honors thesis on law and literature. Laura spent much of her four years competing in collegiate mock trial, where she developed her interest in litigation and the law.

Laura’s specific interest in constitutional law on college campuses developed through an English course on challenges to public expression, where she and her fellow classmates took on topics ranging from banned books to the constitutionality of Penn State’s speech code. After this interest was sparked, she was drawn to FIRE through the desire to continue this work with a new legal perspective. Laura looks forward to the opportunity to move from the theoretical study of First Amendment violations on college campuses to active work in the field with FIRE this summer.

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