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Introducing FIRE Summer Intern Jesse Naiman

FIRE's summer internship program kicked off last week. Six undergraduate interns have joined the FIRE staff in the Philadelphia office for ten weeks this summer to help FIRE prepare for the coming academic year. I'm going to take the next several days and introduce Torch readers to each of our interns.

Jesse Naiman is a rising junior at Boston College, where he is the executive editor of The Observer at Boston College. He majors in history in the College of Arts and Sciences, is a member of the College's Honors Program, and participates in BC Swing Kids, a swing dancing troupe at Boston College. Jesse also blogs for the National Security Online Resource Center and has taught the SAT verbal sections to underprivileged minority high school students in Boston. Jesse has this to say about FIRE and his own beliefs: 

I hate political correctness. While members of a free society should be able to discuss any idea freely in the search for truth, people and institutions that subscribe to political correctness work to suppress this very freedom in the name of shielding others from offense. As someone who has always enjoyed robust debates with family, friends, and teachers, to be told that my views are too offensive to be considered in a debate is a shock to my conscience.

Thank God that organizations like FIRE exist. FIRE's dedication to defending individuals' rights on college campuses including the right to free and unfettered expression regardless of one's ideological persuasion is essential. I may not have faced institutional oppression during my collegiate career, but few things are more gratifying than assisting an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of others whose liberties have been suppressed.

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