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It Only Takes a Minute to Make a Difference on the Campuses You Care About

My school, The University of Virginia, was listed number one in the Princeton Review's list of the 100 Best Value Colleges for 2009. Although I truly appreciate UVa's dedication to fiscal responsibility, I wish that my school would be as conscientious a steward of my liberty as it is of my finances. I am deeply disappointed that UVa currently has a "red light" speech code rating because it maintains policies that both clearly and substantially restrict freedom of speech. 

That is why, when talking to current Cavaliers and UVa alumni, I like to mention FIRE's Give Half for Liberty campaign. Through this program, donors only give half of their annual donation amount to schools like UVa, and donate the other half to FIRE. FIRE then sends administrators a letter informing them that FIRE will help their college or university correct the policies that restrict students' rights, in order to once again earn the donor's full support. This program is truly exceptional because it allows donors to support both their school and FIRE, while sending the message that violations of our rights will not be tolerated. It is pivotal that individuals support FIRE's mission to preserve First Amendment rights on college campuses. When you donate to FIRE through the Give Half for Liberty initiative, your dollars do more to enhance the experience of students like me by preserving what truly mattersour liberty.

I encourage you not only to participate in this campaign but also to help spread the word about it. With your help, FIRE can make big differences on the campuses you love.

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