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January Student Spotlight: Moriah Costa (Arizona State University ’14)

There are over 5,000 members of , our coalition of students, faculty members, and alumni committed to promoting free speech and individual rights on campus. Our members write op-eds for local and national publications, invite FIRE speakers to their schools, attend FIRE's CFN Conference in the summer, and hold events on their campuses to draw attention to censorship in higher education. To highlight the amazing work our members are doing, we are launching a monthly feature on The Torch and on : the .

Each month, the CFN Student Spotlight will feature a student member who is working to promote individual rights on his or her campus. For January, I am pleased to announce that our inaugural featured student is , Arizona State University ‘14. Moriah, with her group ASU Students for Liberty (SFL), held a "free speech wall" event in late November 2011, in collaboration with ASU's chapters of the College Republicans and the Network of Enlightened Women. A free speech wall is a freestanding, temporary wall built by event organizers upon which students can express themselves by drawing or writing whatever they wish. Through this event, Moriah and ASU SFL brought attention to the importance of free speech on campus, which is exactly what we encourage our CFN members to do. This won't be Moriah's last free speech wall, either-she and her group plan on doing another free speech wall event later this spring.

Read Moriah's story at our new , and keep checking The Torch to hear more about CFN student accomplishments!

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