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Join FIRE’s team: Make a year-end gift to defend free speech

With only two days left in the calendar year, many of you are deciding which worthy causes will receive your charitable support. I sincerely hope you will include FIRE on that list. 

Whether FIRE is guiding intimidated students through campus disciplinary procedures, connecting parents to pro bono attorneys in our Legal Network, working with college administrators to fix their speech policies and practices, pitching our high school curriculum to schools nationwide, or testifying for legislation that secures student rights—every single action we take is only possible because of support from generous and concerned individuals throughout the country. 

I hope you will consider joining this dedicated cohort. Protecting speech from censorship and ensuring that campuses remain open to debate is a team effort. In today’s climate, we all must work diligently to protect free expression.

The cases that come across our desks here at FIRE range from eye-roll worthy to truly shocking (see: campus police detaining students). Just this year, we have had to defend a campus newspaper facing censorship, a professor punished for quoting an iconic black author, individuals denied due process, shouted-down speakers, student organizations denied recognition based on their viewpoints (including a vegan student club denied recognition for the “emotional risk” it posed to students), and so many others. You can read some of their stories here.

FIRE is the premier organization standing up for these individuals, and we’re really good at it. But it’s people like you who make sure we have the resources needed to keep fighting. You can donate online at or through the mail, or I’d be happy to personally take your donation over the phone at 215-717-3473. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible.

2020 is going to be another challenging year for free speech and due process rights. We’re ready to address the challenges ahead and excited to work even more closely with our supporters through our new giving society, The Ember Club. The dedication and significant investment of Ember Club members allows FIRE to expand our efforts where needed, respond when called upon, and ultimately get the job done. 

Together with our donors in 2020, we’ll further our shared goal of preserving First Amendment freedoms.

Remember, to receive your 2019 charitable tax deduction, you must donate by midnight tomorrow, Dec. 31. 

Thank you for supporting our work. 

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