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Kentucky Campus Free Expression Act Endorsed by EKU Student Government

Last month, I wrote about the introduction of legislation in Kentucky to protect the free speech rights of students enrolled in public colleges and universities throughout the state. I’m pleased to share that the Campus Free Expression (CAFE) Act has earned the full endorsement of the Student Government Association at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU).

In a resolution dated February 7, the Student Government Association states:

Whereas, The Eastern Kentucky University Student Government Association seeks to ensure that students rights on campus are safe guarded; and

Whereas, The Student Government Association believes that universities should encourage the exchanging of ideas among students; and

Whereras, The Student Government Association has identified the legislation in Kentucky House Bill 127 to support a student’s right to express themselves on campus freely; be it therefore,

Enacted, That the Eastern Kentucky University Student Government Association fully endorses House Bill 127 and urges other Post-Secondary institutions to do the same.

FIRE is thrilled to see EKU’s Student Government Association endorse this important piece of legislation. Hopefully its support will encourage Kentucky lawmakers to prioritize passing this bill before the legislative session ends.

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