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Klocek Petition Closing in on Goal

A petition—previously discussed on The Torch—that seeks the immediate reinstatement of former DePaul University professor Thomas Klocek has been gaining steam over the summer. The petition only needs 295 more signatures to reach the goal of 2,000 for the second anniversary of Klocek’s unjust termination. Once the petition reaches its goal it will be delivered to the President of DePaul University.

As loyal Torch readers will recall, Thomas Klocek was indefinitely suspended, without due process, for engaging in a discussion about issues in the Middle East at a student activities fair. He was terminated after a few students who took offense to his position later complained to the administration. Last fall, this case was the feature of an excellent article in National Review.

DePaul University has been no friend to liberty and academic freedom for some time now. Just in the last year, FIRE was forced to intervene twice to protect the free speech rights of DePaul students. In one case, DePaul attempted to prevent a group from protesting the appearance of Ward Churchill, and a few months later FIRE again had to intervene when DePaul attempted to shut down a bake sale protesting affirmative action.

DePaul would be wise to change its illiberal ways, and reinstating Klocek would be a great start.

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