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Lawyers: Add Fuel to the FIRE by Joining Our Legal Network!

As Torch readers probably know, FIRE frequently secures victories for student and faculty rights by writing to universities or bringing public attention to rights violations. But not all administrative malfeasance can be resolved this way, and sometimes cases have to be brought to court in order for justice to be served. That’s where outside attorneys are critically important to the fight for civil liberties on campus. Since FIRE doesn’t directly litigate or represent students and faculty in court, we rely on our Legal Network—a collection of affiliated attorneys nationwide who share our passion for protecting civil liberties on campus—to assist students and faculty when schools don’t reverse their unconstitutional and illiberal actions. We also involve our Legal Network attorneys when we coordinate constitutional challenges against speech codes, as part of our Speech Code Litigation Project. If you are an interested attorney, FIRE would like to invite you to join our Legal Network so that students and faculty have ample resources to help them in the often difficult (but always essential) fight for free speech, due process, and academic freedom. Legal Network attorneys have made an incredible impact for students and faculty across the country. Indeed, a good attorney can be the difference between unchallenged censorship and a First Amendment victory; between expulsion for protected speech and an opportunity to continue towards a degree; between an unjust end to a proud career and full vindication. Make a difference and defend civil liberties on campus—join our Legal Network today!

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