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Letter to the Editor

The biggest problem on college campuses today is that many college professors are censoring conservative and even moderate students in the classroom. The abuse that many conservative students are taking from liberal professors is getting out of hand.

Many grades are based on the students' stance on the issue, not how well they write or complete the assignment. I have seen conservative students censored in class and have heard many lectures that are one-sided beyond belief.

Two organizations are trying to help conservative students work around these issues: Students For Academic Freedom and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Both are helping conservative students with the harassment many of us see in the classroom every day.

It is sad that some people feel that conservatives are not as intelligent as liberals, but I guess it is easy to make this assumption when the right is being censored in the classroom. The silent majority right must stick up for their freedom in the classroom; we no longer can be silent.

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