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Lisa Durden: All about her famous Fox News interview and its fallout (VIDEO)

If you saw the testy exchange between professor and media commentator Lisa Durden and Fox News host Tucker Carlson back in June, you surely haven’t forgotten it.

New Jersey’s Essex County College fired Durden from her adjunct professorship last summer after the heated segment in which Durden (in)famously “Boo-hoo-hoo[ed]” Carlson when he complained about white people being excluded from a Black Lives Matter Memorial Day event.

Now, in her signature, uncensored way, Durden tells FIRE how she weathered the fallout on and off campus, stood up to internet trolls, and emerged with a “renewed sense of freedom” as an educator.

And when it comes to teaching, Durden tells FIRE, “When the opportunity comes again, I will do it again the same way.”

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