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‘May I Have a Word?’

A great opinion article by Sarah Taylor was published in the Indiana Statesman earlier this week that highlights FIRE’s work and encourages students to check out our website. Here’s an excerpt:

Institutions of higher learning are, in frightening numbers (for even one transgressor is too many), restricting freedom of expression on their campuses. From the Ivy League to community colleges, students and faculty alike are being silenced, censored and forced to espouse the administration’s viewpoint.A leading organization in the fight to protect freedoms on college campuses is the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). The group has successfully brought litigation against a number of institutions found to be imposing unjustifiable limits on student and/or faculty expression. Its Web site,, is an excellent source of information on specific cases of higher-education restrictions on individual liberty.

While it is true that the majority of FIRE’s case files deal with the free-speech squelching effects of oppression motivated by political correctness, the larger problem is that oppression occurs at all, not that it occurs to one political/ideological “side” or another in any given case.

Muslim student associations have been discriminated against, the anti-war speech has been suppressed, NAACP chapters have been denied recognition; all of this equally as unacceptable as mandatory diversity training and the denial of rights to Christian student groups.

It’s all erosive to the maintenance of a free society, and it’s all got to go.

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