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Media Documents Delaware’s Defense, Dismantling of Dorm Program

As Torch readers no doubt know by now, the University of Delaware announced the immediate suspension of its residence hall reeducation program this past Thursday.

This stunning and much-welcomed development was due in large part to the extensive media coverage generated by FIRE’s efforts. Luke has covered the blogosphere’s reaction, but the traditional media is also to be commended for knowing an important story when it sees one. The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Associated Press, and The News Journal (Delaware) all provided thorough coverage of both FIRE’s concerns about the program and its subsequent termination.

FIRE staff members have also been making many appearances on radio and television in recent days. On Thursday, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff appeared on the Glenn Beck show on CNN Headline News, and Media Director Emily Guidry appeared on FOX News’ Fox and Friends on Saturday morning.

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