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Media Round-Up: DeJohn Continues to Make Waves, Receive Coverage

This has been a big week for FIRE, with Monday's Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision in DeJohn v. Temple University demanding most of our attention. Since Peter's midweek update, the decision has continued to make waves among college administrators, the legal community and the press.

A number of liberty-oriented groups, including the Alliance Defense Fund and the Student Press Law Center, issued statements indicating their gratitude with the Court's decision. Eugene Volokh dissected the ruling on his influential legal blog, the Volokh Conspiracy. The case received further attention on other legal blogs including JURIST and FIRE's victory press release, marking the historic significance of the case, was picked up by several in the blogosphere, including the Feminists for Free Expression (which joined FIRE's amicus brief) and Rational Review blogs. KCBD News Radio 1420 in Lubbock, Texas, also featured the case on its show.

The Chronicle of Higher Education treated the story once on Tuesday and again today (subscription required). Today's article by CHE provides reactions by FIRE President Greg Lukianoff on the Temple case and features this testament to FIRE's effectiveness on campus:

"No institution reasonably wants to wait until there is actually a hostile environment based on sex-related speech on campus before it acts to support and promote a harassment-free environment," a lawyer for a college in Pennsylvania wrote in an e-mail message. (The lawyer asked to remain anonymous because of FIRE's aggressive pursuit of what it considers unlawful speech codes.)

Among local outlets here in Philadelphia, the story was picked up by Philadelphia's Bulletin and the University of Pennsylvania's Daily Pennsylvanian.

Beyond the DeJohn case, an article at which detailed the recent Students for Concealed Carry conference mentioned that FIRE's Guide to Free Speech on Campus was provided free-of-charge to all participants. Additionally, FIRE Co-founder and Board Chairman Harvey Silverglate's article on the death of parody, published last week, warranted mentions on several blogs.

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