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Media Turns Attention to SFSU Lawsuit

The lawsuit against San Francisco State University continues to attract media coverage from local San Francisco outlets and nationally read journalists and bloggers.

In addition to an article on the syndicated Associated Press wire, the story appeared on The Special Report with Brit Hume on FOXNews Channel and, in The Chronicle of Higher Education, and in a post on Reason Online’s widely read Hit and Run blog.

David French of the Alliance Defense Fund, the organization that filed the lawsuit, also wrote about the SFSU case on National Review Online’s Phi Beta Cons. His post includes a great summary of the case with his own commentary:

Keep in mind that SFSU is the kind of place where profane protests are the norm and where American flags are desecrated in any number of ways (during my own visit to SFSU two summers ago, I was literally shocked by some of the posters and amplified shouts from protesters—and I’m not easy to shock). In other words—for at least some people—the campus is a robust and rowdy marketplace of ideas. With this suit, the plaintiffs are hoping to open that marketplace to all students, not just those who advance the favored message.

For a complete list of FIRE’s media coverage on this case, please visit our In the News page here.

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