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Michigan State University Alum Responds to ‘Detroit News’ Article on Thought Reform

An alumnus of Michigan State University, Stephen Szepietowski, responded today to my column on MSU’s Orwellian thought reform program:

I was pretty shocked to see Greg Lukianoff’s commentary (“MSU pursues Orwellian thought reform,” Feb. 7). As a summer 2006 graduate from Michigan State University, I was unaware of such a program, which is scary enough. Has our society become too frightened of free thought that we now need to stamp down anything that can be deemed troublesome? What Lukianoff has stumbled on is indeed a flagrant violation of the First Amendment. This program needs to be junked immediately.

Thank you, Stephen.  We couldn’t agree more.

I urge students, parents and alumni to look at the program for themselves and think about how they would feel if they had been subjected to such a brazen violation of the right of private conscience. We hope that MSU will make the right decision and end the program.

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