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Mike Adams on Johns Hopkins

Mike Adams has addressed the suspension of Johns Hopkins University junior Justin Park in an article on Driving home the excessiveness of Park’s punishment—which includes a one-year suspension and 300 hours of community service, among other things—Adams commented, “Fortunately, the committee stopped just short of making Park sit in the back of the bus when he relies on public transportation.”

Precisely FIRE’s point. Not only was Park punished for protected expression (in and of itself a violation of his rights as a Hopkins student), but the penalty the university imposed on Park was extremely severe. As Chris noted recently in The Torch, the public and the media have weighed in and continue to follow the story. Adams also sounded the clarion call in his article, saying:

Decent citizens must call or write to remind [Hopkins President William] Brody of the true meaning of the skeleton that hangs in the Sigma Chi house. It is not a monument to racism. It is a symbol of what happens to students who dare to poke fun at the official religion of John Hopkins University [sic]. That religion is political correctness. And every day at Hopkins is a Holy day of worship.

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