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More Dangerous 'Threats' Come to Light at UW-Stout after 'Firefly' Censorship

FIRE has learned that another professor has made a serious threat of violence at the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UWS, also known as "Stout"):

This professor clearly is making a threat to punch through the head of a colleague during a campus meeting.

Someone should notify Chief of Police/Director of Parking Services Lisa A. Walter as soon as possible so that the UWS threat assessment team can assess the threat and take swift action to save the campus from feeling unsafe.

Also, an alert reader has notified me that the "Stout Fight Song" may be an implied threat. Although Stout lost to UW-Eau Claire at last weekend's Homecoming game, the fans evidently were encouraged to "fight ever more" for Stout, or in other words to "fight, fight, fight!"

Pamela Powers in today's Leader-Telegram (Eau Claire) reports, indeed, that Homecoming incidents involving the police were "up slightly" this year. This is another significant fact for the UWS threat assessment team. Maybe UWS should cancel Homecoming next year, just to make sure everyone feels safe.

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