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More Delaware ResLife Materials Removed from Website

ResLife has removed more materials from its website, including pages such as this one:

Diversity Vision

"The Office of Residence Life, within its offices and its residence halls, will become a place where diversity among people is recognized, valued and demonstrated. Racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism and other behaviors and systems that empower some while oppressing others will not be tolerated. Programs, policies, and procedures will reflect the importance and acceptance of diversity. Actions that encourage and promote diversity will be valued and rewarded."

(From "The Creation of a Housing and Residence Life Program Which Recognizes, Values, and Demonstrates Diversity", University of Delaware Office of Housing and Residence Life, June 1991)

Diversity Initiatives [this link is dead, too]

Entire "systems" will not be tolerated?

Google recorded a copy of this page as recently as April 6, 2008.

It's hard to keep up with ResLife's revisions. FIRE doesn't have its own copy of the original pagewho would have thought that ResLife would disavow a statement that has been in effect for 17 years?

A lot of additional changes to the ResLife website can only be expected, even under the re-revised proposal. For instance, in the new proposal, ResLife is now disavowing the language of citizenship responsibilities at a "global level," but the Resident Assistant Job Description under which RAs are being hired still demands that RAs "Be willing to encourage residents to act as positive community members and global citizens."

Once again, the changes reflected in the latest ResLife proposal are far, far from enough.

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