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More Good News from Florida

The Student Press Law Center covered FIRE’s case at Seminole Community College. In the story, SCC vice president James Henningsen continues his striking pattern of making freedom-friendly statements. He told the SPLC reporter that SCC’s decision not to let student Eliana Campos distribute PETA literature was “wrong” and viewpoint discrimination. The article goes on:

“The situation with Eliana has given us the chance to say we may not have the best procedure in place for requests that come from students,” Henningsen said. He added that there has been some confusion on where Campos could set out her pamphlets, and that the college is setting up a committee to examine what they should change in their policies.

Henningsen said the school had tried to set up the free speech zones in areas of campus that officials believed had lots of student traffic, but has heard from students that those areas are not always the most traveled. He added that he did not think there was anything wrong with students who wanted to hand out literature on campus as long as they are not disrupting other students.

I think all of us wish that more administrators viewed FIRE intervention as a chance to make their policies better. Now, SCC, go forth and make good on your promise!

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